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Our School Vision

Our School Motto

Learning Together Successfully

Our School Vision

Our Kingsholm family, learning successfully together to make a positive contribution to our world.

Our School Aims

Our school will provide a warm, welcoming and inspirational environment where:

  • Christian values are celebrated, shared and felt through strong loving relationships.
  • High expectations of behaviour and self-control are promoted, so everyone feels respected, safe and valued.

Your children will:

  • Access an experiential and creative curriculum which nurtures the whole child, their talents and life skills, encouraging a positive attitude to life long learning.

The school will aim to:

  • Ensure human resources are managed effectively in order to continually improve the quality of education provided by our school.
  • Actively work together with families and the wider community for mutual benefit.

Our School Ethos

The ethos of our school emphasises a caring and considerate atmosphere, develops respect for the individual, values achievements of everyone and encourages attitudes which enable children to make a positive contribution to, and live harmoniously with others in the community.

This very caring ethos ensures we are fully inclusive; every child matters to us. It encourages both adults (who model) and pupils to support one another and to celebrate and embrace uniqueness of culture within our loving relationships. This ethos and the cohesive relationships of groups enables the pupils of each and every group to feel safe.