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Paying for School Dinners

Breakfast Club and Cool Kids Club fees

It is very important to pay promptly for these services and not to get behind with payments as this causes confusion for you and for the staff in the office.

If you run up a debt of more than £10.50 for school dinners you will be asked to provide your child with a packed lunch until the debt is cleared in full.

You can log onto your ParentPay account to find out details of any payments owing even if you don’t wish to pay online. If you need your login details please phone the school office. If you would like help with using the website for the first time please come in and talk to Mrs Hook or Mrs Meek.

You can also pay for School Trips and School Photographs on-line.

If you still prefer to pay for services by cash or cheque please put it securely in an envelope marked with your child’s name, class and state what the payment is for. Thank you.