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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kingsholm Star?

2 children each term will be chosen as Kingsholm Stars, if they are a Kingsholm Star it is because they have followed the schools 3B’s and our school values. Once they have been chosen as a Kingsholm Star you will be invited to celebrate with the school at a Kingsholm Star assembly. This starts at 9.00am and normally lasts about 20 minutes. The children will be called up and given a Kingsholm Star badge. Following the assembly the children will be invited to a Kingsholm Star lunch, they will eat with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher and be served a special meal by Year 6 children.

What are the 3B’s?

The 3 B’s will form the basis of our behaviour management and will be written by the children and reviewed annually in the Autumn term. They will be displayed in strategic positions around the school and in every classroom. The children will be expected to follow them and will be rewarded when there is evidence that they are being followed.

  • Be a positive learner
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Be respectful of everyone and everything
  • What is Celebration Assembly?

Celebration assembly is on a Monday. Bright A5 certificates are awarded. 1 or 2 certificates are awarded per week per class. Teaching Assistants may sign certificates as well as teachers. A certificate earns 5 house points for their team.

What are our School Values?

We have worked with staff, pupils, parents, the local church and our Governors to come up with 3 core values that we feel represent Kingsholm. These are RESPECT, LOVE and HONESTY. Each term we will focus on a particular Christian value that we feel will help our children (either one of our core values or another Christian value linked to them).

What is Our School Motto?

Learning Successfully Together

What is Kingsholm University?

The University runs for children in Years 2 to 6.

The University happens each term for 6 weeks.

Each module lasts for an hour and a half a week.

The adults (teachers, TAs and HLTAs) in the school decide on a module they would like to run, the number of children, the year groups they would like to involve.

We also invite external professionals to run modules.

They plan 6 sessions, highlighting the skills they would like the children to learn and develop.

The modules are introduced to the children in an assembly.

The children then make their choices, labelling them from 1 to 5, with 1 being their preferred choice.

What is College?

Once a week on a Thursday afternoon we have a Kingsholm College session where we mix Reception and Year 1 children in to small groups to work together to develop skills in a range of curriculum areas. All children will experience all areas of this curriculum over 8 weeks and will have the opportunity to work with different children and teachers.

What are houses?

In our school the children are put into four houses – Westgate, Northgate, Eastgate and Southgate. Your child should be able to tell you which house they are in. The children will be given house points weekly and this will contribute to one of the houses winning the house cup at the end of the term and small individual prizes.

What are traffic lights?

Traffic lights are what we use for our behaviour system.

Each child has a fresh start every day for all of school.

Green – expected behaviour.

Amber – following two warnings for behaviour the child is placed on amber. In exceptional circumstances an automatic amber will be issued (see policy). If the behaviour continues the child receives a further two warnings before progressing to red.

Red – either a progression from amber or an automatic red for high level behaviour.

If you have a question you would like answered please email us and we will add it our FAQ's.