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School Life 

This is always such a special term in Primary Schools and we are all looking forward to celebrating Christmas.

Important dates for your diaries:

Ø  1st December until the 4th December - Explore Christmas at St Catherine’s.  This year our theme for is Love's Gift. The story of Christmas will be told from the point of view of one of the Kings. The children will then participate in activities that encourage them to reflect on the giving and receiving of gifts, appreciating the good gifts they already have and exploring what God's gift to the world was.

Ø  2nd December – Christmas Discos

Ø  4th December - Christmas Jumper Day

Ø  7th December -   9:00am Kingsholm Star Assembly

Ø  Kingsholm Star Lunch – Reception/Y1/Y2 7th December, Y3,4,5,6 8th December.    

Ø  8th December -   9:00am Children Centre & Reception Classes Sing-Along  

Ø  9th December – 9.00am Y4 Theme Share Oak Hall

Ø  10th December – Y1 Nativity 2.15pm

Ø  11th December – Y1 Nativity 9.15am    

Ø  15th December - Christingle at St Catherine’s

Ø  Christmas Parties:

14th December – Y2 & Y3

15th December – Y1 & Y4

16 December – R, Y5 & Y6


Ø  17th December - Christmas Lunch

Ø  18th December – End of Term, finish at 1.10

Ø  4th January – Spring Term starts

Ø  Drop In Weekly Coffee Morning – Thursdays 0900/1000. This starts on the 7th January in the Dining Hall. Everyone is welcome.

Cornfield Project.

Last year we ran a trial gardening project for children and their families. We called it the Cornfield Project based on the idea that we wanted to sow a cornfield – this proved slightly ambitious but we have kept the title, learnt loads and will be running it again from January 2016. Any families (Parents, carers or grandparents all welcome) interested in joining our gardener Kate on a weekly basis to help with different gardening projects around the school and helping to grow fruit and vegetables for our produce sales, please contact me.


Several parents have asked what happens at University on a Friday afternoon………….

What are the aims of Kingsholm University?

Ø  To provide the children with the opportunity to explore a wide and varied range of skills.

Ø  To raise attainment across the curriculum.

Ø  To incorporate more opportunities to explore foundation subjects.

Ø  To help the children make informed choices.

Ø  To build on co-operative skills.

Ø  To allow children from a range of ages to work together.

Ø  To provide more opportunity for life skills.

Ø  To open up a wider range of opportunities where the children can achieve.

Ø  To allow adults to share skills that they have with the children.

Ø  To identify and nurture Gifted and Talented children in a wider range of areas.

 How does the Kingsholm University work?

Ø  It began in 2007.

Ø  The University runs for children in years 2 to 6

Ø  The University happens each term for approximately 6 weeks.

Ø  Each module lasts for an hour and a half a week.

Ø  The adults (teachers, TAs and HLTAs) in the school decide on a module they would like to run, the number of children, the year groups they would like to involve.

Ø  We also invite external professionals to run modules.

Ø  They plan 6 sessions, highlighting the skills they would like the children to learn and develop.

Ø  The modules are introduced to the children in an assembly.

Ø  The children then make their choices, labelling them from 1 to 5, with 1 being their preferred choice.

Ø  The modules are very varied and change each term. A few examples are: Fashion Design, Radio Station, Multi-skills sports, scuba diving at GL1, Yoga, CSI Kingsholm, Poetry and Song Writing.

Ø  At the end of the 6 University sessions we hold a special assembly and share the children’s learning through photographs, powerpoint and the children’s comments.

Can you help?

We are looking for parents and carers who have a range of skills to help us enhance the school environment, or to share your talents with the children. If you have a skill or a hobby that could help the children or school e.g carpentry, gardening, painting, craft, sport or anything else, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you and are sure that you are a very talented group of people.