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Our Worship Team

We are very proud of our worship team which is led by our worship ministers. Their role is to set up the hall for worship, select songs and entrance music, prepare the worship table, plan, lead and evaluate worship. They also take an active part in leading the singing.

The worship team also lead some class and year group worship often using the 'Out of the box' resources and alongside other year 5 children help deliver experiences and activities such as Explore Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, which are held either in St Catharine's church or in the school hall.

Why did you choose to be a member of the Worship Team?

“In my final year at Kingsholm I wanted to do this so I could give back to a school that has given me so much.” Sonny Year 6

“I wanted to tell other children how to believe in God and the good things that He does.” Millie Year 5

“I wanted to be on the Worship Team because when we perform to the younger children we can bring the living word of the Bible alive.” Amalia Year 5

Our Worship Team leading worship