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We strive to promote spiritual wellbeing. We ensure children are able to develop a sense of identity, self-worth and personal meaning and purpose. We understand that spiritual growth begins first and foremost with believing and following Jesus Christ. We ensure that our spirituality grows and matures through prayer, through learning about the word of God, through sharing our blessings with others and through collective worship.

Whilst our school welcomes children from all faiths and those of no faith in to our Kingsholm Family we are proud of our Church School distinctiveness. We are linked closely to St Catharine’s Church and the community involved with this church.


The Worship Team have written the following acrostic showing what spirituality means to them:

S – soul

P – peace

I – integrity

R – relationship

I – indescribable

T – truth

U - unique

A – always

L – love

I – individual

T – trust

Y – you are a child of God