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Our Values

Our core Christian values of respect, honesty and love underpin our vision and our belief of children living life in all its fullness. In June 2015, all staff, children and governors explored different values, reflecting upon which were most pertinent to our children and agreed a 2 year programme of linked values.

Core Values

Every year




Linked Values


Year 1




Year 2




One value is the focus for each term. Worship is focused around the relevant value with bible stroies of Christ's teachings of this value shared, this is then followed up in the classrooms by teachers. These values are displayed at key points around the school and certificates are given out weekly to children who have been seen acting the value out.


We seek to promote our shared values based on Christian teaching throughout their school life so that children come to make behavioural choices based on Christian values. These values inform the schools, vision, aims and ethos, the design of the curriculum, all policies the planning of spiritual and moral development as well as the school’s management and governance. Every opportunity is taken to celebrate the demonstration of these values in children’s behaviour both in school and also during events outside school. We weave our values into all aspects of school life and share them in our daily language; they are important to staff, children and the community.

Home School Values

This term we will be focusing on the value HONESTY. Please click on the link below to find some ideas which you may find helpful as you explore the value and have fun together.

Honesty    Tell the truth to each other Zechariah 8:16

We light three candles in the name of:

God the Father whose word is the truth,

God the Son who is full of truth and honesty,

And God the Holy Spirit who helps us to live honestly.