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Our core belief

At Kingsholm we believe all children should be given opportuntities to live life in all its fullness.

"I have come in order that you might have life - life in all its fullness" John 10:10

It is from this that our vision and core values are born.

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Our vision statement

Our Kingsholm Family, learning together successfully, to make a positive contribution to our world

The school has grown considerably over the last few years and is now 3 form entry with a nursery. At Kingsholm we are passionate about learning and believe strongly that learning is something we should do together – children, parents and staff. The Kingsholm community is a family and as the school has grown keeping the Kingsholm Family together has been our priority. The success of Kingsholm is a result of the passion and commitment of all of our community and it is this togetherness which makes us who we are.

Our aims and teaching

We aim to provide high quality education within the context of the Christian faith and practice. We promote an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and seek to encourage Christian standards and values through the quality of experiences offered here. We seek to promote pupils spiritual and moral growth and to provide a basis for their lifelong learning.

We believe that children need a caring consistent environment where they are treated with respect and where their well-being is paramount.

We strive to reflect the love of God, love of life and love of learning in all that we do.

We consider honesty and integrity to be central to all aspects of school life.

We foster the intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual development of all our pupils.

We ensure Religious Education (R.E.) and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are very strong features of the school as they help children understand the faith of others and the importance of listening and reflection as key parts of the faith journey.

Our RE Curriculum has been carefully designed to teach about a range of faiths including Christianity. It is taught in every year group during RE days.

We believe that each child should leave our school with:

  • A sense of moral and spiritual awareness
  • A sense of awe and wonder about the world around them
  • A love of learning and the desire to achieve high standards
  • A growing ability to relate to and communicate with other people
  • A sense of their citizenship of the school and the wider community