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What are the aims of Kingsholm University?

To provide the children with the opportunity to explore a wide and varied range of skills.

To raise attainment across the curriculum.

To incorporate more opportunities to explore foundation subjects.

To help the children make informed choices.

To build on co-operative skills.

To allow children from a range of ages to work together.

To provide more opportunity for life skills.

To open up a wider range of opportunities where the children can achieve.
To allow adults to share skills that they have with the children.
To identify and nurture Gifted and Talented children in a wider range of areas.
How does the Kingsholm University work?
It began in 2007.
The University runs for children in years 2 to 6.
The University happens each term for 6 weeks.
Each module lasts for an hour and a half a week.
The adults (teachers, TAs and HLTAs) in the school decide on a module they would like to run, the number of children, the year groups they would like to involve.
We also invite external professionals to run modules.
They plan 6 sessions, highlighting the skills they would like the children to learn and develop.
The modules are introduced to the children in an assembly.
The children then make their choices, labelling them from 1 to 5, with 1 being their preferred choice.
What modules have we run?
Here are some examples.
Fashion design
Blow your own Trumpet.
Money, money, money
Go, Team! Go!
Radio Station
Multi-skills sports
Let's Get Cooking
Poetry & song writing
CSI: Kingsholm
Electronic music
Cheer leading
Martial Arts
Green screen filming
African drumming
How do we celebrate our successes?
All of Y2 and Y6 children gather in the hall, along with the module leaders.
We have some of the children's learning from University on display.
We share a PowerPoint showing photographs of the modules and the comments the children have made.
The module leaders present certificates for completion of the modules.
How have we raised self confidence, self esteem and attainment?
In exploring a wide range of skills, children can share their talents in those areas.
Children work with others of different ages, enabling them to develop leadership skills.
Children can identify the reason why we need English and Math, such as in 'Money, money, money!', 'Newspaper' and 'Fashion Design', using them in 'real life' situations.
Our attainment in many areas (including English and Maths) has been greatly enhanced through these 'real life' experiences within modules.
Children with talents that may not otherwise be identified develop their confidence in sharing them.
Children have the confidence to participate in out of school activities linked to those they have explored in modules.