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Global Learning at Kingsholm

International education forms a key part of our curriculum at Kingsholm. We have developed and maintained links between Kingsholm and other schools in our local, national and international arenas. These include schools in Greece, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Italy and Portugal (to name a few). Through these links we have worked collaboratively to enhance our curriculum, providing a global dimension across a wide ranges of learning opportunities and ensuring internationalism is embedded throughout the children's education at Kingsholm. 

All staff and pupils have had the opportunity to communicate with our partner schools. Where possible, staff have had the opportunity to visit partner schools, and over the years some reciprical visits have been possible. 

As a school in 2017 we received re-accrediation for the International Schools Award and in 2018 became an Expert Centre with the Global Learning Programme. 



Our Kingsholm - Kigulya link

Our school has been working closely with our partner school in Kigulya for well over 10 years. There have been at least ten staff visits between Kigulya and Kingsholm. Three of our children were able to visit the school when on a trip to Uganda. During this visit, our pupils took pictures, played games, recorded a diary and then lead assemblies when they returned to school. The children in Kingsholm and Kigulya have shared work such as water diaries, saving water projects, letter writing and story writing. We have also recently fundraised to improve farming provision and as a result the school are able to provide a hot meal of porridge every day to the children at Kigulya.

Our Kingsholm - Sri Lanka link

In 2017 we started a new partnership with a school in Anuradhupura, Sri Lanka. Year 4 have been sharing work on the importance of saving water. In addition, year 5 have been writing to the children about endangered species and have shared some of their story writing. In February 2017, 3 staff were fortunate enough to visit the school. They spent time with the children and the English team, learning about how English is taught and developing ways to help the children work together, improving opportunities for the children in Kingsholm as well as those in Sri Lanka.

Our Kingsholm - France link

During French lessons our year 6 children have been exchanging letters with children in our partner school in France. They have been applying their language skills and have been asking their French penpals about their families, hobbies, the food they enjoy and what life is like in France. Some children have even had a go at reading out the letters they have received from France, working hard on their pronunciation. 

Our Kingsholm - Columbia link

This partnership was developed in 2018. It has enabled our year 3 children to develop their Spanish skills. They have been learning to sing Spanish songs, which they have then emailed to the children in Columbia.

Our Kingsholm - International week 

Every year our children in Kingsholm take part in 'International Week'. During the week we celebrate our 'World Wide Kingsholm Family'. During 2018 each year group looked at one of the UN sustainable goals, including: life below water; life on land; equality and justice; quality education and climate action. Students, parents and members of the community had the opportunity to look at all of the work produced in our celebration at the end of the week.