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The Kingsholm Curriculum

“At Kingsholm your child will have access to an experiential and creative curriculum which nurtures the whole child encouraging a positive attitude to life long learning” (one of our school aims)

In order to meet the range of needs and interests of the learners, the curriculum at Kingsholm has been directly planned, designed and structured around a shared philosophy. The Kingsholm Curriculum is a personalised and responsive curriculum which is objective led and skills focussed, thus allowing activities to be led by the children. In turn the skills acquired are transferred across the curriculum with opportunities given for them to be applied in a variety of different ways. As well as meeting the needs of our children at the school, the curriculum at Kingsholm has been carefully designed to meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum 2014; systems have been put in place to ensure full legal coverage whilst ensuring that learning is taking place in context through cross curricular links, rather than subjects being taught in separation.

Through the Kingsholm Curriculum teachers employ a wide variety of teaching methods and tools (including ICT) with an emphasis on thinking skills, creative thinking and experiential learning. Self evaluation shows that as a result children work hard, producing high quality work, and behaviour in class is very good.

Through the Kingsholm Curriculum children:

  • experience deeper, more relevant, learning opportunities and so produce higher quality outcomes
  • are confident and motivated to succeed which has had a marked effect on their behaviour and attitude to learning
  • are given a clear understanding of the ‘big picture’ which produces a sense of belonging and security, thus reducing anxiety
  • learn through active and experiential learning which can compensate for language and experience deprivation
  • have access to enrichment activities and extended services so contributing to their enjoyment and achievement
  • have a good level of core skills with emphasis on the enriched curriculum and physical well being
  • experience a strong global dimension making them better global citizens
  • are involved in planning and organising the learning activities.
  • challenge themselves and through initiatives such as successful learning seek out opportunities to become a purple (always seeking to do their best) learner.
  • meet the objectives set out by the new National Curriculum 2014

All subjects are taught through the Kingsholm Curriculum but elements of many subjects are also taught discretely