The Cornfield Project

The Cornfield Project is an after school gardening club for the whole family, starting on Wednesday 28th September. School children, along with a parent/carer/grandparent/older sibling, and any pre school aged children, can come and work together with other families to grow fruit, vegetables, flowers, look after wildlife, make seasonal crafts and work on projects to enhance our school grounds.

The club will run after school on Wednesdays until 4.30pm, during the Autumn and Spring Terms and until 5pm during the Summer term. As this is a family club, children are able to attend this club alongside any other after school club they are also attending.

In the Summer Term we also offer a trip for all of the families involved to an inspirational place that is linked to the activities we do at The Cornfield Project. If you are interested, please ask at the school office for a letter containing further details and a slip to return.